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* This warmer is a soft brown stone look and looks amazing with any decor 

* You can choose 4 packs of melts from our list below. It is completely up to you if you have 4 packs of the same scent or 4 different ones.

* Make sure you leave a comment at checkout with what scents you want or we will send them at random. 

* We have lots of different scents available 

Bubblegum, CK type, D & G type, Cool Water type, Tommy Hilfigre type, Little Black Dress type, 1Million type, Marc Jacobs type, Fairy Floss, Tuity Fruity, Mixed Lollies, Very Vanilla, Fruity Loopy, Dragons Blood, Marshmallows, Musk Sticks, Ocean Breeze, Tranquility Natural, Absinthe Crystal, Sinus Relief, Angelic Whisper, Clean Linen, Orange Vanilla, Monkey Farts, Bunny Burps, Blueberry Muffins, Berry Delightful, Apple, Baby Powder, 50 Shades Type

Please choose carefully as no refunds or exchanges are given on our candle range. 

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